Nov 1, 2018 / Posted in Trucking News

At Pay4Freight, we strive to keep truckers, owner-operators, and anyone else who may be involved with the trucking industry as well-informed as possible. Here are our latest snippets for September 2018.

US truckload shippers need to prepare now for price hikes in 2019: 

  • Reach out to transportation and logistics providers to find new ways to better work together and secure capacity.
  • Learn from the past; shippers had a hard time holding onto capacity when freight volumes spiked this year, particularly in June and July.
  • In a tight capacity market, collaboration is less of an option and more of a necessity. Carriers are simply not going to accept shipping inefficiencies.
  • It’s difficult to predict when the next downturn will be, so it’s best to prepare for a worst-case scenario well in advance.

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