Don’t Be Short on Fuel Needed for Your Next Load

1With today’s volatile fuel prices and freight rates being pushed downward, having the cash for fuel to haul that next load is critical.

Our 50% fuel advance program is specifically designed for the owner operator and small carrier fleets. Some brokers offer an advance program that costs you more than factoring. Most broker charges range from 3% to 5% of the gross amount of the advance or total load amount. Plus, they charge you another fee to issue you a Comchek or TChek.

Our cost is simple . . . 5 bucks to generate an “express” code to TChek or upload the fuel advance to your EFS fuel card. Once you deliver the load and send in your paperwork for the balance you only pay us the rate for the factoring option you select. Now you have an option to get a fuel advance regardless if the load is booked with a broker or shipper.

Call our Sales Department at 888-479-4378 to get set up for Factoring and our Fuel Advance Program.